Bay Scenery Pools is a fiberglass pool builder in Mountain View, California

Your Local Pool Builder

Bringing your one-of-a-kind backyard oasis to life in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

With headquarters in Mountain View, California, we work with clients up and down the San Francisco Peninsula and throughout the Silicon Valley. On the land between the bay and the ocean, that is where you will find us.

A commitment to excellence.

Experience and talent are truly value-added services.

Managing partners Ali Tehranchi, CEO, and Firooz Keshavarzi, COO, have created a veritable one-stop shop for all your backyard dream needs. Bay Scenery is not only a swimming pool contractor, but also a general contractor and a landscape contractor. These multiple designations allow Bay Scenery to advance past the competition and deliver superior results.

Polished and professional, our team believes in extending the quintessential white glove treatment to clients. Bay Scenery operates as a concierge service of sorts, with full back-office support to daily on-site visits to ensuring no detail is overlooked. Forget about everything you know about construction projects. Our job is to eliminate risks, assess what could go wrong before it does, deliver solutions you never knew you needed, and even sweep the entire patio at the end of the day.

Ali Tehranchi and Firooz Keshavarzi, co-founders of Bay Scenery Pools - a fiberglass pool builder in Mountain View, CA

With our investment in technology, we can see the future.

At the intersection of creativity and technology, that is where you will find us.

In and of itself, technology is an art form. It is a vehicle of change and innovation. And while we don’t expect everyone to fully understand the technological advances we have incorporated into our business, we trust our clients will find themselves on the receiving end of a spectacular experience as a result of the tools we put into everything we do.

For example, we use a technologically advanced imaging laser scanner for every single project we undertake. This allows us to capture reality now. Essentially, this device takes real time data and incorporates millions of points through rapid scanning which allows us to accurately measure every single detail of a project and to fully understand every aspect of it. As a result, we bring to the table a full visualization of what is “real” to the client’s home, as if they are experiencing it right then and there. In other words, our clients enjoy a highly immersive experience before they even physically get into the actual pool and visually embrace the surrounding vistas.

We model every project, too. What does that mean? Well, our team leaders use tablets and the latest technology to improve response time. With the use of a cloud-based time clock, we know exactly where our crews are working at any point in the day and with what they are working. This helps us to manage labor costs and reduce processing time.

To take that one step further, we rely on a job site communication app that provides us hundreds of images daily so we can fully track every detail of every job. In short, the technological applications we employ allow us to get the job done in the manner the client wants it done.

You want it. We build it…with experience, innovation, and passion at the foundation.

Because you deserve the best money can buy.

We believe people are happiest when at home. To that end, we want your backyard oasis to be an expression of who you are and of what you love. The architecture of our designs should speak to your lifestyle. As such, we simply let the end results speak for themselves.

In many ways, Bay Scenery partners with you to get things done. Our focus is on complete client satisfaction. Our comprehensive design+build background coupled with our experienced and talented team equates to unparalleled results each and every time.

Leisure Pool's Supreme fiberglass pool design

Your vision + our expertise = best-in-class results.

Enjoy all the benefits of working with a full-service company.

At Bay Scenery, we believe the work we do should not only be impressive, but also significant. While anyone can design something, we endeavor to do it better than everyone else. This translates to bringing the best talent in the industry to every project. With a team of seven, full-time, highly creative and talented employees, we don’t just deliver products, but we provide outstanding client services. Our team is comprised of highly educated architects who are specialists in what they do. This means you enjoy a positively unexpected and off-the-charts experience.

The best in the bay.

Delivering first-class backyard pool projects to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, we’ll travel up and down the Peninsula to bring your backyard dreams to life. We provide services in the following areas:

Atherton, Belmont, La Honda, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Altos, Portola Valley, Redwood City, San Carlos, Stanford, Sunnyvale, West Menlo Park, Woodside, Burlingame, Foster City, Hillsborough, Millbrae, and San Mateo.

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